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Why Do My Birds Poop Everytime They See Me?

Birds can poop every time they see you as they feel stressed and anxious or tremendously excited and happy. This happens as birds cannot hold their poop for long and any emotional overdose will lead to pooping. Also, it can be that they are prepping by pooping to get picked up & held by you.

This is something that is a very common behavior displayed by pet birds. So let’s take a deeper look at this topic…

Reasons why birds poop every time they see you

Birds are poop machines

Birds poop a lot! Smaller birds particularly poop a lot more than larger birds. This is because a bird’s body metabolism is way faster than other animals. Their body has evolved this way in order to help them in their flying activities.

Faster body metabolism leads to faster digestion of food and faster production of poop which further leads to continuous discharge of the wastes throughout the day even at night. Birds like budgies are known to poop about time per day!

So it is highly probable that it is nothing but a coincidence that they are pooping the moment you enter the room. They may do that even if you don’t come near them.

The bird is feeling nervous and stresses

Birds are very susceptible to stress and they don’t handle anxiety too well. Also, their system of holding the poop is not as sophisticated as the humans. Hence whenever they feel stressed they can end up pooping.

They can feel stressed seeing you if you newly brought them home and they are not habituated to having you around them.

Otherwise, it may be something you are wearing that is ticking them off. They are very sensitive about everything that exists in their environment, even introducing new toys suddenly in their cage can get them stressed.

So you need to make sure that the bird is not feeling stressed and is eating and sleeping right while being cheerful and interactive.

The bird is very excited to hang out with you

Birds love their human parents and when they see them after a while it’s probable that they feel extremely excited and that excitement leads to pooping.

This happens when

  • you have been away for a while and when you are back, it can take a few days for them to stop feeling tremendously excited every time they see you., to again get habituated to having you around.
  • They have newly bonded with you and maybe you play with them regularly or something which makes them superbly happy to see you because they now know that its playtime.

This will get okay with time.

They are getting ready to be held by you

Birds can poop when they know that its that time of the day when they get to hang out with you. So by pooping they are getting ready to be held by you.

This reason is much more probable because birds are known to poop right before they take off to fly as it makes their bodies light and helps them to move around freely. So pooping right before they hang out with you is their way of saying, “See I am completely ready now to play with you!”

How do you know when a parrot is angry?

  • The feathers all throughout the parrot”s body…the neck, chest, wings…will stand up and the bird will suddenly look fluffed. It will give the illusion of making him or her look larger.
  • The tail will be completely spread out and wings will be held above the body which will further make them look larger.
  • The eyes will look woke and highly alerted.
  • The beaks can be slightly open as opened beaks will help them to bite someone or something faster.
  • The parrot will try to get away from you and will fly away whenever you try to get near it.
  • The parrot may try to bite you and not in a soft loving manner but with the aim of biting you hard.
  • The head will bend slightly downwards. Stomp their feet hard.
  • Parrots can make growling sounds while being angry. Some can scream loudly.
  • The parrots can start throwing toys and other stuff around them. They can even try destroying items around them.

In such conditions, it is best to not be around them as the parrot may try to bite you. So it will be a good idea to let them calm down a bit before you do anything.

So leave the room, for the time being, if they are inside their cage, cover the cage with a cage cover as it will give them a bit of privacy. Leave the room and come back 30 minutes or 1 hour later.

How long does it take for a bird to bond with you?

Parrots are passionate and intelligent creatures. All of them have their very own personalities just like us humans. So some of the parrots maybe by default sweet in nature whereas others may be a bit meaner and take a bit of time to get acquainted with new people.

The thing is to remain calm and to talk with them sweetly while handling them. Dont try to push things onto them too much, be patient and move as per their pace.

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