Why Do Birds Poop So Much?(Must Know Potty Training Tips!)

Birds have a very fast body metabolism in place which helps them to digest food quickly. After digestion, unlike humans, they cannot hold onto their poop for a long time, unless they are sleeping, so they continuously keep pooping after every few minutes.

Some birds like budgies, lovebirds poop every 10 to 15 minutes whereas others like macaws, cokctateils poop every hour or so. However it is subjective and varies as per the individual bird.

Lets take a deeper look at this…

What does it mean if my bird is pooping a lot?

Birds in general poop a lot! The poop frequency is inversely related to the bird size, which means, tinier birds poop more frequently than larger-sized birds.

So firstly, you need to make sure that the pooping frequency of the bird is consistent. If you just brought the bird home, you need to consult with the shopkeeper or other caregiver to know about their pooping frequency.

You can also consult with the vet for this matter. If you see that the bird”s current pooping frequency is consistent with what it should be, then it’s not a matter of worry. If it’s inconsistent with that, then it can be a matter of worry. It can be a case of diarrhea.

Diarrhea can happen in birds due to many reasons, some of them include:

  • Excessive stress and depression
  • Intestinal Parasitic Infection
  • A change in diet and the inclusion of newer kinds of food items
  • Bacterial or viral infection
  • Food poisoning because of the presence of chemicals, fertilizer, and pesticides in the food
  • A side effect of an organ (liver, kidney, pancreas) dysfunction or failure

If you are in doubt, it is best to always give the vet a visit after consulting with them.

Do birds poop all over the house?

Birds that are not yet potty-trained can poop all over the house especially if they remain outside the cage most of the time. This is because in the wild they poop whenever they feel the urge to do that. Potty training can take time but it is the only way to tackle this problem properly.

They generally poop anywhere they go…They mostly don’t poop while flying around, they poop whenever they sit upon a particular place.

How do you stop a bird from pooping everywhere?

So if you want to stop them pooping all around the house, you have a few options:

  • Potty train the bird
  • Use bird diapers
  • Limit the bird”s flying area to a room or particular space
You can buy inexpensive rugs and mattresses and spread them all across the room. If you observe, you will find patterns in their pooping areas. Birds tend to favor pooping more in particular zones than other areas. These can be the areas where they hang out more, maybe on the top of furniture, back of a couch, and other play areas in their living area.
You can put newspapers or rugs in those particular areas and see how it goes. Once the bird is potty trained you can slowly stop doing it.

Can you train birds to poop?

Yes potty training birds something that is absolutely do able task. It can be a bit difficult to potty train birds in comparison with other pets like cats and dogs but it is something which is possible to do with suitable patience and perseverence.
The success of your potty training your pet pet bird depends a lot on
  • The age of the bird
  • Your training process and consistency
  • Your Patience

Younger birds are much easier to train than older ones. Once they get habituated with one kind of a process it is harder to change that.

You need to find the time gap after which your bird roughly poops and look for the physical cues it gives before relieving the stool off the body.

  • So, say your bird poops after every 10 minutes and flickers its tail or changes its posture right before it poops.
  • Once you notice this, the moment when you feel that they are about to poop now, you need to held the bird or bring it in its desired pooping location.
  • There will be loads of hit and trial in the beginning, your calculation will be off and the bird may not poop, but if you stick with the process you will see the results soon.
  • if a bird successfully poops in the locations it is supposed to be, you need to reward the bird with a treat.This will encourage them to poop at that place only as that it will fetch them treats.

You must never shout or express displease at them as they wont understand the reason why you are acting like that and may keep on doing what they did again in order to gain your attention.

Does vinegar clean bird poop?

The acidic content of vineger can do wonder in dissolving difficult to remove bird poop stains. Using a mixture of about half a cup of vineger and 1/3rd cup of water is perfect for removing such hard stains.

You can use an old brush for scrubbing activity. You should apply the mixture and wait for sometime before you go ahead with the scrubbing.


Are bird diapers OK?

Bird diapers can be good way of preventing birds that are not potty trained from pooping all around the house. However you should use them occasionally and not regularly as birds wont like to be tightly entrap thetheir back in something like a diaper.

Also the poop can accidentally end up getting smashed in their feathers which will lead to a different headache.

Most birds wont like them wearing them in the first place especially the tinier or medium sized ones. Potty training them is a much more convenient way of tackling this problem which can take a bit of time and hard work from your side but will be well worth it in the future both for yourself and the bird.

Why do birds poop white?

Birds  don’t poop and urinate differently, they do it at the same time. The darker portion is the poop and the whiter portion is the uric acid, which is the sticky white urine portion of the waste product.

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