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“My Bird likes To Sleep With Me”(Is It Safe or Unsafe?)

You should never ever sleep with your birds in the same bed for safety concerns. Birds have very soft and fragile bodies that can get crushed even with the slightest of pressure. If you accidentally move over your little pet, it’s all over.

let’s take a deeper look at this topic…

What does it mean when your bird sleeps on you?

Birds love spending time with their fellow humans. With time they will consider you a part of their flock. If your bird remains most of the time outside its cage and even sleeps with you, then it is a sign that the bird trusts you immensely.

All animals are most vulnerable when they are asleep. so think about it, they are choosing to sleep alongside you, which means they trust you blindly and have no vulnerability about their safety.

Is it okay for my bird to sleep with me?

Even though on the surface the fact that your bird sneaks into your bed at bedtime, looks really adorable and cute, it is immensely risky to sleep with your bird in the same bed.
There have been countless incidents all around the world where bird owners who follow such habit of sleeping in the same bed with their bird, has ended up killing the bird accidentally. Sharing the same bed with other pets like cats, dogs are completely different than with birds. This is cause birds are very fragile. Their body is very much susceptible to even the slightest of pressures and they often end up dying due to suffocation.

“My bird loves me so much and won’t stop sleeping without me”-What to do?

If you love your bird too much, it is more reason why you shouldn’t sleep with your bird. Bird owners who sleep alongside their birds often end up accidentally killing their birds.
So even if you are someone who has been sleeping with your birds for years, you should stop doing that because it just takes one damn night for an accident to happen. There are absolutely tons of sad stories of bird owners just on the internet alone, where the birds have got crushed accidentally in their sleep. You can never guarantee that you won’t roll over onto your bird in your sleep.
Nothing can be more heartbreaking than waking up and realizing that your pet bird is not breathing.
It is absolutely not worth the risk.

Other points to remember

  • You will have no idea what the bird does outside the cage while you are asleep. The bird may start chewing on electrical wires or may try flying in the dark and hit the fan or the wall and injure itself badly.
  • Birds are often known to have night frights. Keeping in the safe boundaries of a cage covered with a cage cover gives them that extra bracket of safety that prevents them from having frights in the middle of the night due to some kind of sudden sound or light.

But sleeping in an open room without any private space doesn’t give them that extra layer of safety.

So if you are already sharing the same bed with your pet you should consider stopping that now. Never take chances with this sort of stuff…

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