Two green cheek conures sitting together

Do Green Cheek Conures Need A Friend?(Must Know Facts)

Green Cheek Conures love having companions as they are highly affectionate birds as that will minimize the chances of loneliness and will keep them happy. They are capable of living alone as well but in that case, they will require intensive care and attention from their fellow humans.

Let’s take a deeper look at this topic…

Do conures need a companion?

Birds live in flocks out in the wild and hence pet conures would love to have companions. It is very important that the birds remain occupied with something otherwise it can lead to serious boredom or depression-related issues.

Frustration or stress-related problems in birds is never good news as they do not respond to those conditions in a good way. They can develop self-harming behaviors and stop eating, drinking, and can show signs of fatigue and sleep deprivation.

So it is very important that you regularly find time to play and interact with your birds. Ideally, you should have a particular time period in the day where you play with them.

So how to keep your birds busy in the absence of a companion?

In case you cannot give them much time and attention throughout the day, you should teach them to play with their toys.

Birds can be very fearful of any new object in their environment and at first, they can be afraid of their new toys. But with enough time and persistence, they will open up to play with them.

You can also put a mirror inside their cage. They will spend a lot of time talking and interacting with their avatar in the mirror. However, their obsession with the mirror should not go out of hand as it can otherwise cause other frustration-related problems down the line.

Keeping the tv on for them is also an excellent method of making them feel less lonely.

The various sounds and different pictures on the tv will keep them occupied. But make sure you put them on kids cartoon related channels as those make a variety of loud delightful noises which can be attractive for the birds. Other channels in the scenery or animal domain are also great.

Can green cheek conures live alone?

Green cheek conures can of course live alone as long as they get a suitable amount of love and attention from their fellow human parents.

Think of it just like us humans. If you have multiple members in the family and you are on really good terms with them, the chances of you suffering from loneliness will be very low. The same goes for the birds as well.

But the thing is these birds are very affectionate in nature and love getting close with their human caregivers. They can live alone but will remain happier if they live with multiple birds of the same variety as birds out in the wild, live in flocks.

Is it better to have one or two conures?

In case, you and other family members are not capable of giving the birds time, throughout the day because of a job or other activities, it’s a great idea to get them a companion of the opposite gender. So getting multiple conures is a great idea, especially if you are getting them young.

There is no guarantee that they will become mates because there are many instances where two birds even of the same species didn’t end up becoming good friends. However, with enough time passage, and persistence on your part they can become good buddies. Once that happens, they will end up keeping themselves busy.

So having multiple birds of the same species, ideally of opposite genders, is always a great idea. However, always remembers birds are very wary of anything new and the same applies to members of their own species.

So introduce them slowly to each other. Keep them in separate cages for a few weeks, keep them side by side, and see how they are interacting with one another. If you get a good response, bring the cages closer and let another few days pass.

Then when they get well acquainted with now another, let them hang out for a limited amount of time under your supervision. If everything feels good, let them hang out in the cage with one another again for a limited period of time, daily. Ultimately if everything is good, then you can think of letting them stay together.

Can I get my conure a friend?

You should obviously get a friend for your conure. It will help them vocalize more and remain cheerful. We all love getting like-minded good friends and the same applies to birds as well.

If by chance the new friend is of a different gender then its more good news for them as they can be potential mates.


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