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Pied Cockatiels: Everything You Need To Know!(Clear,Heavy,Light)

Cockatiels are one of the best birds you can have as pets. They exhibit many color mutations and as per the presence of colored feathers in their body, they are further categorized as clear pied cockatiels, heavily pied cockatiels, and lightly pied cockatiels.

Let’s take a deeper look at this topic…

What does pied mean in cockatiel?

Pied cockatiels contain two or more kinds of feather color in their body. Being pied means that the cockatiel has undergone a color mutation in one or multiple genes that allows them to have different colors in different patches all around the body.
  • If a cockatiel contains a single pied gene it will show patches of different colors like yellow or white in their grey body here and there.
  • But if a cockatiel contains two pied genes, the bird will display more vibrant and larger color patches all around the body.

So in short, pied cockatiels are much more colorful and vibrant-looking birds that are popular for their beautiful aesthetics.

Is my cockatiel pied?

If the cockatiel contains colored feathers on its head or body apart from its base grey color then the bird is a pied cockatiel. Depending upon its pied-colored feather presence in the body, the bird can be lightly pied or heavily pied.

Heavy Pied Cockatiel vs Light Pied Cockatiel vs Clear Pied cockatiel vs Perfectly Pied Cockatiel

What is heavy pied cockatiel?

A heavy pied cockatiel is a cockatiel that has got a heavier presence of a different color in comparison with its base color. For example, a cockatiel having more of a yellow or white pied color than its base grey color in the body is considered a heavy pied cockatiel.

What is a Perfectly Pied Cockatiel?

If the base color and the pied color have almost the same occurrence in the body then it is a 50:50 perfectly pied bird. Perfectly pied cockatiels look stunning because of their well-proportioned color contrast in the body.

What is a Lightly Pied Cockatiel?

A bird having more of the base grey color than the yellow or other pied colors in the body is a lightly pied cockatiel. Generally, cockatiels having less than 10% pied color in the body are regarded as lightly pied cockatiels.

What do you mean by Clear Pied Cockatiel?

Clear Pied cockatiels have white or yellowish-white colored faces. They can be mistaken as white-faced or lutino cockatiels instead of pied ones.

The thing that makes them different from them is the fact that these cockatiels unlike Lutino or white face cockatiels, do not have red-colored eyes. They have just one or two darker-colored feathers on their body.

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