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Can Birds Drink Soda, Sparkling Water & Cold Drinks?

Birds should not have sparkling water or soda as they cannot burp or pass gas like us humans. Carbonated drinks are loaded with carbon dioxide that needs to be released out of the body as the excess build-up of the gas can be fatal.

Also, the drinks tend to be rich in artificial sugar which is not good for their health.

Let’s take a deeper look at this topic.

Can birds have fizzy water?

Birds cannot have fizzy water as it contains a suitable amount of carbonation in it. As they cannot burp or fart, the pile-up of the excess carbon dioxide can affect their system badly.

Apart from carbonation, these drinks often contain certain other preservatives in them which are not at all good for their health. Birds have a very sophisticated system in place and the inclusion of such harsh items into the body can have difficult consequences.

Why is soda bad for birds?

High Caffeine content

Birds absolutely react dangerously to any caffeinated drink. High caffeine intake will lead to hyperactivity, a tremendous increase in the heartbeat, and can lead to cardiac arrest.

Many cold drinks and commercial sodas out there in the market are rich in caffeine. Never ever put such drinks that are rich in caffeine around them as it can be deadly for the bird.

High Sugar Content and the Sugar quality

Birds have a very low sugar requirement which they easily fulfill through natural food sources of fruits and veggies. They have no need of consuming raw sugar or sugary drinks. Excessive sugar intake will take a serious toll on their body and can lead to various organ malfunctioning.

Also, the kind of sugar that is used in cold beverage drinks, is not natural.

Presence of carbonation in the drinks

Carbonated drinks contain loads of carbon dioxide in them. That is why after consuming these fizzy drinks you may find yourself burping continuously. That happens because your body gets overloaded with carbon dioxide and burping helps in getting rid of that excess carbon dioxide as CO2 is not good for the body in excess amounts.

However, with birds, the thing is they cannot burp, unlike us humans. Hence the carbon dioxide will pile up in their body to extensive levels and will lead to serious health problems. If not addressed correctly it can cause end devastating results.

Presence of preservatives and coloring chemicals

The coloring of the drink is done by the presence of water-soluble coloring agents which is by no means good for the birds.

Apart from these, there are loads of other components present in the drink which can affect the bird in ways that are hard to guess. Many drinks contain phosphoric acids which can affect the bone density of the bird.

“My Bird Has drank A Carbonated Drink”-What to do now?

In case, your bird has already drank the fizzy water drink, it will be wise of you to instantly get in touch with the vet.

The seriousness of the problem depends a lot on how much drink the bird has consumed and how much time has passed since that. So make sure you take a mental note of that and mention it to the vet.

If you think the bird has drunk a suitable amount of the carbonated drink, you should give the vet a visit as the excess gas build-up in the system will lead to the creation of excess pressure in the body which can then lead to other health troubles.

Apart from carbonation, all other elements that were present in the drink can also cause problems of their own. So getting a professional opinion and a checkup if necessary is a must.

Birds tend to imitate their human parents and like to nibble on the food and drinks they are consuming. So you should avoid putting food and carbonated drinks rich in alcohol, sugar, caffeine around them, in the future.

Can I feed birds diet soda drinks?

Diet coke or other diet sodas are devoid of high sugary content in them but they are loaded with carbonation just like the usual cold drinks.

Hence you should never bring such drinks anywhere near your birds as it can cause them almost the same kinds of problems that the drinking of a normal cold drink will.

Can cockatiels or parrots have sparkling water?

Cockatiels or Parrots should not have sparkling water as it’s a carbonated drink. Birds cannot get rid of the carbon dioxide through farts and burpings hence they should avoid drinking such drinks.

Can birds drink ginger ale?

Birds must not drink commercial ginger ale drinks as those are heavily carbonated drinks rich in sugar and presevatives. Moreover it goes through a process of fermentation and fermented drinks are absolutely hazardous for birds.

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