sun conures sitting together affectionately on a branch

Are Sun Conures Cuddly and Affectionate?

Conures are extremely clever, affectionate, and social birds who love being the center of attention. They are friendly & love cuddling a lot, prefer sitting on human shoulders and climbing into the shirt pockets of their human parents.

What is the friendliest conure?

Conures are a particular variety of parrots that are in general very affectionate and social in nature. Some of the friendliest conures are:

  • Green-Cheeked Conure

  • Sun Conure
  • Queen of Bavaria Conure
  • Jenday Conure

  • Patagonian Conure
  • White-Eyed Conure

  • Dusky-Headed Conure

  • Nanday Conure

How do Sun Conures show affection?

Sun conures absolutely love attention. They are very clever and have got tons of energy. They can be very much outgoing and noisy.

Conures will make cute noises to get your attention and they can mimic your movements. Conures are highly affectionate so it is very common to see them asking for cuddles. They will try kissing, nibbling, and grooming you as a sign of their affection.

The sun conures like all conures like being around their human friends, and will try to bond with you in every possible way. They feel a sense of security while being around their fellow humans.

They can love sitting on your head, softly nibbling your ears, sitting on your shoulders as you move around the house. They are very curious birds and it is quite common to find them trying to sneak inside your shirt or pant pockets.

They will make really loud noises when they crave your attention. In fact, they will be louder with people they are closest to.

In short, if you see your conures always sneaking around you in a curious manner and constantly trying to get close with you, make constant sounds and follow you around the house, it’s a sign that they are really comfortable with you and are as a result feeling affectionate towards you.

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