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Can Lovebirds Live With Finches,Cockatiels,Budgies?

Lovebirds should not be kept in the same cage along with other birds of different types. They are known to be aggressive towards birds of other species and injure them badly. So birds like budgies, cockatiels, or finches should be kept in different cages than the lovebirds.

Let’s take a deeper look at this topic…

Can finches and lovebirds live together in the same cage?

No finches and lovebirds can not live together in the same cage. This is because lovebirds are highly territorial and aggressive birds, especially towards birds of smaller size. Hence making lovebirds and finches is not a good idea and can result in more headaches down the line.

Lovebirds can be kept with other birds of similar stature and temperament however it is always best to keep one lovebird with other lovebirds instead of other kinds of birds.

In fact, keeping the other kinds of birds along with lovebirds is never a good idea as you won’t be able to monitor them 24/7. Also, it’s not just about the chance of lovebirds causing physical injuries to the other bird.

By natural virtue, lovebirds are of territorial and aggressive nature hence they let it be known by their behavioral patterns and actions.

So the other bird living with them within the same space can undergo mental stress which is never good news for birds as it leads to serious indirect health-related side effects and also involves self-damage inflicting behavioral changes.

Can a lovebird live with a cockatiel?

Even though lovebirds are very social and playful birds, they can be quite aggressive at times towards birds of other types. This is more true especially if the lovebird is not being petted or trained since they were very young. They can act a bit mean or territorial during their breeding period as well.

At times they are found to be a bit aggressive even towards other lovebirds as well. So keeping them in the same cage with cockatiels is never a good idea.

Lovebirds by natural virtue are known to be aggressive and highly energetic whereas cocktails mostly have a personality trait that is completely opposite to that. Hence it is quite common to find cockatiels getting bullied and even seriously attacked by lovebirds.

Can cockatiels and lovebirds mate?

Lovebirds and cockatiels don’t do well in the same living space and should be kept in separate cages. Lovebirds are capable of inducing life-threatening injuries onto cockatiels and hence they shouldn’t be kept in the same place, so the question of mating must not arise.
Lovebirds and cockatiels cannot mate as they have totally different bodily features, temperaments, and origins. Lovebirds originated in the African continent whereas Cocktiels originated in Australia. Also, they belong from completely two different genera and families.
Lovebirds belong from the Agapornis genus in the Psittaculidae family and cockatiels belong from the Nymphicus genus in the Cacatuidae family.

Can lovebirds and budgies live together?

Never put budgies and lovebirds in the same cage as lovebirds are known to be very aggressive birds and can be very mean towards budgies. If the budgie does something the lovebird didn’t like, the latter can seriously injure the former bird. The injury can be at times so brutal that it can even be tough to save the bird.

Often lovebirds are found to be put in the same cage with budgies but in reality, such practices can cause problems as lovebirds can be quite aggressive at times and have got strong beaks in comparison with budgies. Hence they can end up biting or attacking budgies at times which can lead to undue hassles.

Such behavior is not typical of every lovebird as every bird is different and showcases different behavioral traits. But in general, it is found that it is not favorable to put budgies in the same cage with lovebirds. It is not worth the risk as even once in a while aggressive attitude demonstration by lovebirds can be quite detrimental for the budgie and can lead to serious injury results.

Can lovebirds and budgies breed?

Lovebirds and budgies cannot breed with each other as they don’t belong to similar species and are very distantly related to one another as per genetics. Lovebirds have their origin in Africa whereas Budgies(parakeets) have their origin in Australia. 

Forget about breeding, lovebirds and budgies should not stay in the same cage as lovebirds are known to be quite territorial and can end up being aggressive towards the budgie and end up injuring it gravely.

So should you let lovebirds interact with budgies or finches or cockatiels?

You should keep lovebirds and the other birds in different cages within the same room. This will allow them to interact with one another, observe each other, and will prevent them from being lonely or bored.
This means that the lovebirds can get along with them but won’t pose any direct threat to the other birds as they all have their own different personal spaces.
This works best if all the birds are of similar age.
Generally, younger birds that grow up with different bird varieties tend to get along much easier than if they were introduced to each other when they are many years old.

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