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Can Guinea Pigs Eat Wheat?(Must Read)

You should avoid feeding guineapigs raw wheat or other wheat products as they cannot digest them well. Instead of experimenting with food items that can cause them distress, you should stick to the general guinea pig diet of fresh fruits and veggies.

Lets take a deeper look at this topic…

Can guinea pigs eat grains?

Majority of the grain food products are not totally natural and contain preservatives, artificial colors, flavors, and additives. There is a reason why many guinea pig food items these days are labeled as grain-free.

Guinea pigs are very sensitive to processed food items and hence you should be really picky about the food items you introduce your guinea pig to.

Along with being processed, guinea pigs don’t do that well-digesting wheat product. They can show signs of gas and diarrhea if things get severe.

But mostly if they consume wheat they can show signs of fatigue and may not eat as regularly as they would normally as they are still feeling pretty much full. Processing grain-based food items can take longer for their digestive system as it’s not habituated and well equipped in breaking down those food components.

Can guinea pigs eat whole wheat?

Guinea pigs can eat whole wheat but they can find it hard to digest them smoothly. Hence it is better to avoid feeding them grains and bread.
Guinea pigs have got a very sensitive gastrointestinal tract and they don’t do well with food items that are outside their comfort zone. They frequently can suffer from gas, diarrhea, and severe digestion problems.
Giving them wheat products may not lead to severe digestive problems but can sometimes lead to slow digestion which further can impact their mood, behavior, and eating habits.
You should always ask yourself before introducing newer food items into their diet,
 “Is there a real need of feeding your guinea pigs wheat-based products and experimenting with introducing processed food items in their diet when they are sufficiently happy and satisfied having their favorite fruits and veggies as treats?”

Then What should you feed your guinea pigs?

For the better health and comfort of your guinea pig, it is always essential to keep things simple and to stick to what is working rather than taking chances by introducing newer kinds of food material into their diet.

  • Good quality hay and grass are absolutely essential for their proper survival. They love grazing on these items and a regular supply of these food items is essential for the normal functioning of their digestive system.
  • Guinea pigs are often prone to vitamin C deficiency problems hence it is important to feed them pellets that are optimized with the required dietary requirements. For the portion sizes of the pellets always consult with your vet as the size can vary depending on their health and stage of growth.
  • They love eating certain veggies and you should always feed them vegetables that are rich in vitamin C. Certain kinds of plants and fruits are harmful to their body so always consult with the vet before you introduce newer food items into their diet.

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